The Musical Theatre Company -
The Musical Theatre Company is for children and teenagers and we want to teach them all about musical theatre.  Some years ago, the “Professional Teachers of Dancing” (P.T.D.) brought out a Musical Theatre Course syllabus for Acting, Mime, Singing and Modern Theatre Dance. They are the first society to produce such a syllabus including examinations in these subjects. As more children discover the wonders of theatre, this course attracts not only dancers but also pupils who have talents in drama and/or in singing or those who have never been on a stage but want to learn about the fun and enjoyment that only live theatre can bring. 
We hope with our lessons we can show children that there is more to life than TV, computers and video games and that it can be great fun to take part in a stage production, be part of a team and learn everything about the magical world of the theatre. 
In March 2017 pupils took Musical Theatre exams in Acting, Singing and Dancing and gained great results with many receiving Distinction! 
Musical Theatre Classes are held at the De Kam Cultural Centre, Wezembeek-Oppem on Wednesdays from 17.00-19.00 and are for children from age 7 up to 18 years. They are split into 3 groups, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Each group has 40 minutes with each coach, singing, drama and dance, every week.   For more information about joining, please contact:- 
Jeanette Marino, tel: 0476/886.476 or
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